The backstage of crypto conferences

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The backstage of crypto conferences

The Blockchain and crypto events take place all over the world on a yearly basis.
Kiev, Istanbul, London, Cambridge, Geneva, Berlin, Hong-Kong and San Francisco this is not the full list of cities, where conferences will be this year, nevertheless little know the purpose of such meetings.

As usual, the Blockchain community conducts one event monthly in different cities and countries as above-mentioned, in the sum, 12 most important meetings per year. On these conferences get together: crypto investors, technologists, developers, marketers, sponsors, speakers, media, and many others crypto authorities, in order to discuss some of the highly potential issues of the past and future within the industry.

As at every similar business events people there, congregate not only on purpose to chill out or express their fresh and unique ideas, one of the main goals is to promote products and advertise themselves. Because the community and the market are still forming, there are circulated a number of the different unknown before marketers, advertisers and crypto enthusiasts, who willing to have their place in the sun.

Generally, people there speak about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other popular cryptocurrencies, however such kind of scene the perfect place for promoting brand-new tokens and hail investors to fund in them. In fact, these events especially precious because of the presence of representatives of banking, insurance and venture capital sectors, who can alleviate one’s path in terms of providing some help in the future.

Speaking about the organization of conference, worth to mention, that are 2 types: free and chargeable, and both of them have their pros and cons, in terms of the affordability free is better because you can hear heads of world’s brands without any charge, however it’s quite hard to reach them out after the performance, and you can be abolished from the chance to be present on some really great one. Also, the opportunity to express your theme on the scene is pretty vague if you didn’t gain some awareness before. The advantages of paid are in the wider opportunities such as you can speak more likely with an honored person or perform with a speech. If you went from another city or country you’ll be provided with a room in a hotel and free nutrition.

The discussed subjects there are quite numerous, from forecasting the future of money to sharing ideas of increasing marketing conversions. For example, the upcoming event named Token Fest in San Francisco, which will hold on March 15th and 16th, will be dedicated to the business and technology of tokenization.

We’ll definitely take a look at this and others top-events in the BlockChain world and will tell the most important information, which was shared there. So, stay tuned!


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