Can XRP surpass Bitcoin?

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Ripple was disigned to speed up the cryptocurrency transaction and to ptovide high lrvrl service worldwide. Mostly the cryptomarket is based on the Swift protocols that are high in cost, slow and pretty old for the moment. The simplicity of this cryptocurrency has attracted financial players and this is what is making it rise at a fast rate.

Right form the start of the 2017, Ripple was traded at $0.0065 or 0.00000714 BTC. Andthe market capitalization in that moment was $230 million. Still this coin was considered to be a big player on the market, and the overall capitalization rased up to the $33.3 billion since that time. Thus the price from the beginning of the 2017, haven’t changed alot, yet rased a little bit to a point of of $0.8. However, the price of the crypto in BTC rose just marginally from 0.0000148 to 0.0000428 BTC.

And now for the reasons which can take the Ripple on the first line of the charts.
Due to the simplicity of the process and many useful apps, the market understand that coin way better. and with the constant development, it will be simplified even more. There is a lot of excitement around about XRP’s potential. This is especially so because it is uniquely positioned to deliver on its promise.
Also the Ripple interface and the whole base bihind is created to work with banking services, claiming will save up to 3.76%per payment when they opt to use the crypto.
The rise of Ripple can be explained partly by the general performance of the cryptocurrency market and Bitcoin in particular. However, its partnership with credit card company American Express certainly played a big role. Ripple accounts for only 4% of the global crypto market of $488 billion. The measures taken by the firm will certainly see the XRP’s share rise.


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