Best cryptocurrency investment strategies for different levels of income.

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Best cryptocurrency investment

Regarding popular opinion about the best cryptocurrency investment as instantaneous enrichment mean, there are different points of view among the experts: the Bank of Russia, for example, sees in the bitcoin signs of a financial pyramid, and American investors – the brothers Cameron and Taylor Winklswes, in turn, call bitcoin an “improved version of gold.”
Analysts believe that it is still possible to earn money on the bitcoin, but Russians should not do this with an average salary: the currency is too high-risk asset to spend a small salary on it. And even one bitcoin at home is impossible to make by even the most technologically advanced personal computers that simply will not allow this.

However, those who really want to try themselves in crypto investment, but do not have high incomes, can invest in Satoshi, which are part of bitcoin – a kind of penny.
You can earn money, but it’s difficult.

The head of ForkLog Consulting, Anatoly Kaplan, says that it is still possible to find the best cryptocurrency investment way for a regular Russian citizen, a question in the approach to earnings. In addition to speculation and short-term investments, the analyst recommends considering the possibility of creating a business related to cryptocurrencies. “Or if you already have your own small business, you can start accepting cryptocurrency for payment for your services,” he says.

Economic crime

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation prepares penalties for payment of purchases by the means of cryptocurrency.
Senior analyst of Alpari Roman Tkachuk notes that even Russians with an average salary can find best cryptocurrency investment idea suitable for them, for example to invest in bitcoin.

“You can buy Satoshi – bits of bitcoin,” he says, clarifying that 1 bitcoin is 100,000,000 Satoshi. Tkachuk notes that, for example, on the YoBit exchange you can buy 1 satoshi for 0.013 cents. “In our opinion, with small amounts, it is more expedient to invest directly in bitcoin through cryptoexchanges, for example, the Hong Kong Bitfinex – it accounts for 50% of the

trading volume,” he explains.

Deputy director for investment analysis of IC “Zerich Capital Management” Andrew Vernikov also notes that in this situation the best cryptocurrency investment strategy is to buy bitcoins by share. “In addition, the various exchanges are going to release derivatives and bitrates on the bitcoin and etherium,” he says, noting that, therefore, no large sums are needed to invest in bitcoin.


According to Vadim Merkulov, a senior analyst at the IR Fridom Finance, a typical Russian can, in principle, invest in bitcoin, but he will have to take a balanced approach to investing. The most minimal purchase is 1 satoshi. Thus, the purchase can be less than a penny, he says. However, according to the analyst, you should not “run and invest all the salary of 30 thousand rubles in bitcoin.” It is worth remembering that this is a very high-risk asset, which can lose 100% of its value, warns Merkulov. So you should make the most deliberated approach to finding best cryptocurrency investment way.

“Moreover, I would not advise investing people who have wages below 50,000 rubles,” he says, noting at the same time that the maximum amount of investments, in his opinion, in this case should not exceed 5 thousand rubles.

The Far East Mining Project may be extended to the Amur Region

Tkachuk agrees that mining makes sense if a person is willing to spend a large amount of money on equipment to carry out the “production of cryptocurrency” on an industrial scale and use the production strategy instead of finding the best cryptocurrency investment way. At the same time, according to him, it is possible to choose which particular cryptocurrency to mine, based on the current quotation and hash-rate (the indicator of the number of hashing operations that the miner is able to execute over a certain period of time – Ed.).
“Conventional video cards for computers lose their competition: they have appreciably risen in the last year, so it hardly makes sense to buy them,” says Tkachuk, noting that it is also unprofitable to engage in “cloud mining” (leasing computing power), which is associated with increased risks .

“Simple investors need to understand that most of the bitcoins were mined in 2009-2016, and 90% of the bitcoins belong to those who dealt with it at this stage,” the analyst continues. Buying bitcoin now, a person acquires a very small share at high prices, explains Tkachuk.

Merkulov agrees with colleagues and says that you can earn through mining, but this requires a large capital cost, since the complexity of computing popular cryptocurrency is growing “with astronomical speed.” In his opinion, the initial best cryptocurrency investment can be from 1 million rubles for altcoins, and for bitcoin this figure exceeds 7 million rubles. This is if we talk about obtaining a stable income, he clarifies. “On a home computer, it’s impossible now to m

ash bitcoin, since the network’s complexity is 1 trillion calculations per second,” he says.

“A home computer can not calculate the next block to get bitcoin, even a few graphics cards can not do it,” he warns, noting that this requires a special computing machine – ASIC, which is hundreds of times more productive than the most powerful Nvidia or AMD graphics cards.

Earn on altcoins

Experts expect within 10 years of the emergence of national cryptocurrencies around the world. Merkulov notes that you can find other best cryptocurrency investment schemes, earn by investing, for example, in Litecoin, Ripple or Dash. “The developers of these cryptocurrencies have entire development teams, capital and development strategy.If you like the idea and the team when analyzing these cryptocurrencies, you can invest a small amount of money – about 3-5% of the portfolio,” he says. The analyst warns that since such assets are considered more risky, with the fall of the market, the invested money can be completely lost.
Kaplan believes that it will be easier to earn money on other cryptocurrencies, since their growth potential in a percentage ratio is generally higher than that of bitcoins. “However, the most important rule of the best cryptocurrency investment is that you need to understand what you are buying and why,” he says, explaining that investing in cryptocurrencies is not a bet on red or black is an investment in technology.

Where is the price limit?

The Winklewos brothers, who became the first billionaires due to best cryptocurrency investment, believe that the virtual currency will soar to $ 40,000 and become an “improved version of gold.”
Merkulov agrees with the forecast of American investors, but warns against hasty investments. “Bitcoin can reach 40 thousand dollars, but its real cost in the future will be several times less,” – said the analyst. According to him, the more people learn about the existence of bitcoin, the more will be “inflated” its capitalization. “Therefore, 40 thousand is not the limit, but now most people who only invest in bitcoin do not have a clue how it works,” he said.
“The strength of the cryptocurrency appears in how productive the community is solving the problems, for example, changing the size of the blocks,” the analyst notes, concluding that only part of the funds can be used for best cryptocurrency investment strategies.


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